Top 10 The Best Linux Distribution


A Linux distribution is an operating system made as a collection of software based around the Linux kernel and often around a package management system. Most distributions come ready to use and pre-compiled for a specific instruction set, while others (such as Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian) are distributed in source code form and compiled locally during […]

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Top 10 books that entrepreneur should to read


Every successful and well-known entrepreneur in the world accomplishes their business because of many reasons and incidents. One of these reasons is reading books. So, if you want to start your own business, you should have a good habit of reading books. And here are the top 10 books that entrepreneur should read. 1.The 4-Hour […]

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How to update iOS 8 style quick reply feature on iOS 7.1.x

Apple iOS 8 Overview

iOS 8 is the biggest iOS release ever for developers and everyone else. But that wasn’t the goal. We simply set out to create the most natural experience. Apple announced bunch of new features on iOS 8, out of which one of the most wished feature was quick reply. Replying to messages without having to […]

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iPhone 6 concept based on leaked parts

iPhone6 concept

iPhone is popular smart phone design by Apple. The latest version iPhone is iPhone version 5s, with very special design and slim. And with iPhone 6 to come with a major redesign over its predecessors, designers have spent their last year imagining and publishing various iPhone 6 concepts. Some of these concepts seems like created […]

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